2022 Ten Best Ways to Make Shore Diving More Relaxing and Comfortable


10 Best Ways to Make Shore Diving More Relaxing and Comfortable Shore diving may be the most economical choice Kenting, the name of the place that most people often mention, in fact, we call it [Hengchun Peninsula]. Hengchun Peninsula is surrounded by the sea on three sides, it is a place where diving activities can be conducted all year round. Here, shore diving or boat diving is a popular way for divers to dive. Most ...


Recommendations for SSI Dive Training in Response to Coronavirus COVID-19


SSI Diving Training Recommendations for Coronavirus COVID-19 Since the onset of the coronavirus (COVID-19), there have been and still are many health alerts and issues worldwide. We want you to know that we are vigilant in providing you with accurate information, especially in areas related to, for example, shared air or other exercises that allow students ...


2020 LSD-191 Diving Tour Nitrox Diving


Diving Tour, Activity Eligibility: two boats diving in the morning - Zhongzheng Ship, must have advanced + Nitrox license (using Nitrox diving, no Nitrox license can be on-site lessons, the cost of another). Activity number and cost: maximum 10 participants.