Become an SSI Nitrox Diver

As an Enriched Air Diver, you can increase your underwater time and safety margins and reduce surface intervals - so you can spend more time diving and less time waiting! In this course, you'll learn new skills and increase your dive knowledge while learning how to safely plan and conduct dives with an enriched oxygen mixture containing up to 40% oxygen. Upon completion, you will be SSI Nitrox 32% or 40% certified.

Training conditions

Certification : Open Water Diver
Minimum age: 10+
Subject: 4 chapters
Maximum training depth: 30M/100ft.
Course Duration:3~6 hours
Certification: Completion of the concentration credit and subject test.

Benefits of Training Programs.

  • Increase your bottom time and security
  • Reduce surface dwell time
  • Learn new skills and increase your knowledge of Nitrox diving!
高氧潛水員 Nitrox

Training Instructions

  • EAN32 Course Description - Introduction to Nitrox, Nitrox Your Body and the Underwater World, Your Total Diving System, and Nitrox Diving, this course is an indoor course in Theory of Knowledge.
  • EAN40 Course Description - Introduction to Nitrox, Nitrox, Your Body and the Underwater World, Your Total Diving System and Nitrox Diving, Plan Your Dive. This course is an introductory classroom course + Nitrox Marine Practicum.
  • EAN32 is not subject tested, EAN40 is subject tested.

Training Fee

  • Course fee includes oxygen cylinder fee (EAN40), visa fee, course insurance and training fee.
  • The fee does not include food, lodging and transportation to the center during the training period.
  • EAN40-Fee includes 2 sessions of Nitrox Marine Practicum. (Diving equipment, computer table, food and accommodation are not included)
  • Atoll Diving offers high quality accommodation with Diver Discounts (Standard Twin beds for single occupancy can be arranged). Only NT$800/person per night.
  • Rent equipment, detailsRental Price List.

Training Arrangements

  • One day course (EAN 40 -2 dives).

  •  09:00 Academic Program - Theory of Knowledge
     10:30 Plan Your Hyperbaric Dive
     12:00 Lunch Time
     13:30 Practical Application of Hyperbaric Oxygen
     15:00 Practical application of hyperoxia
     17:30 End of course, write dive log, dinner at Hengchun Old Town
  • Nitrox Practical Application - Shore Dive or Ship Dive (Ship Dive Fee Required)

Open Water Diver + Nitrox Package Combo

Nitrox Diving Kit

Open Water Diver + Nitrox Package

Nitrox Diving EAN40 Program (for 4 days and 3 night shifts)
NT$ 20,000
Per Person
  • Complete all knowledge development sections and assessments for Open Water Divers.
  • Completion of the Open Water Diver final exam with a passing score of 80%.
  • Complete all Pools with Calm Water and Open Water Diver Tips.
  • Completion of at least four open water scuba training dives and evaluations
  • Nitrox Diving course is EAN40, learn about oxygen level detection and knowledge.
  • EAN40 contains 2 high oxygen marine practice, plan your high oxygen dive
Direct Enrollment

Diving Specialist Package Tenancy

Choose any two specializations (excluding Stress and Rescue)
NT$ 11,500
Per Person
  • Choose any two specialized courses of study, with the exception of Stress and Rescue and Search and Recovery.
  • If you are qualified as an Advanced Diver, you may receive one credit for your specialization.
  • 12+ Diving Experience and get 3 certificates (including bonus card).
  • Each concentration requires two credits and two ocean internships each.
  • If you are qualified as an Open Water Diver, you can apply for the program.
  • Two specialized marine internships and subject tests are required for a visa.
  • Use your weekly vacation days to complete the course in just two days.
Direct Enrollment