The SSI Diver Stress and Rescue Specialty program teaches you the skills you need to protect yourself and other divers. You'll learn how to recognize stress, how to prevent accidents, and learn practical techniques for performing rescues and providing emergency care. Through a combination of pool and open water practice courses, you'll be well-prepared and confident in handling emergency and rescue situations. Upon completion, you will receive the SSI Diver Stress and Rescue Specialty Certification.

The most challenging and fun recreational certification available! By participating in the SSI Diver Stress and Rescue Program, you will gain confidence in your emergency prevention and management skills. Here we will teach you to anticipate, handle and manage possible diving incidents. Start by developing the appropriate skills in calm waters and then master them in the ocean. Manage "diving incidents" under the supervision of an experienced dive instructor. Learn the basics of lifesaving that provide first aid. Don't miss out on some serious fun!

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Stress and Rescue Training Standards

  • Minimum age:12
  • Subject Knowledge: 6
  • Pool/quiet water training:3
  • Open Water Dive:3 
  • Maximum depth:18M/60 ft.
  • Course Duration:10~15 hours
  • Certification Prerequisites: Open Water Diver Certification, Valid First Aid Certificate (not more than 2 years old)

The Value of Stress and Rescue Training Programs

  • Benefits of attending this training program.
  • Learn how to self-protect with skills and other diving
  • Solve emergency rescue situations yourself
  • Apply learned skills in primary care and rescue

Correct Responder Training Standards

  • Minimum age:12
  • Subject Knowledge: 6
  • Pool/quiet water training:3
  • Course Duration:8~12 hours
  • Prerequisites for certification:No certification requirements

The Value of a Proper Responder Training Program

  • Learn how to deal with diving-related injuries; increase your confidence.
  • Learn the proper techniques to assist others in primary care, CPR and first aid.
  • Skilled in Emergency Oxygen Management (EOM).

Course Fee

  • The course fee includes gas bottle fee, visa fee, activity insurance, training instruction fee and training equipment.
  • The fee does not include room and board during training and transportation to the center, dive equipment, computer tables, food and lodging.
  • For those who enroll in the Emergency Response Training Package and have RR, EFR, EMT1 or above, and related first aid certificates, the course fee will be discounted by NT$5,000.
  • Registration course rental equipment, a full set of lightweight, original price NT $ 1,000 / day, special price NT $ 800 / day. Diving light rental, special price NT$100. Computer watch rental, original price NT$350/day, special price NT$200/day.
  • 原價 一人即開班 NT$17,000元(1VS1) 套餐優惠價只須NT$15,000元(1VS2) 兩人開班
stress rescue

Class Schedule (Stress & Rescue + Proper Responder)

Learn how to detect and relieve pressure, emergency rescue techniques, the approach method, panic and unconscious diver rescue ..... etc.
First Aid and CPR Techniques, Initial Casualty Stabilization Techniques. Includes two optional sections: Emergency Oxygen Delivery in Diving Emergencies and Basic Automated External Defibrillation.

stress rescue rr 02

First Day

09:00 Rescue Science - 1~3 Units

10:30 Rescue Science - 4~6 units

12:00 Lunch Time

13:30 Pool or calm water training

15:00 Pool or calm water training

17:30 End of course, write dive log, dinner at Hengchun Old Town

stress rescue rr 01

Second Day

09:00 Rescue Diving Clinic - Managing Stress and Self-Rescue Skills

10:30 Rescue Diving Clinic - Assisting tired or panicked divers

12:00 Lunch Time

13:30 Rescue Diving Training - Search Mode / Unconscious Diver

15:00 Rescue Dive Training - Dive Rescue Simulation and Summary

17:30 End of course, write dive log, dinner at Hengchun Old Town


Third Day

09:00 Primary Assessment and CPR

10:30 Adult and Infant Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)

12:00 Lunch Time

13:30 Primary Care and Automated External Defibrillators

15:00 Emergency Oxygen Supply and Summary

17:30 End of course, write dive log, dinner at Hengchun Old Town

Emergency Package

Emergency Response Package Courses

Stress & Rescue + Proper Responder

3 days and 2 nights course to obtain two professional licenses
NT$ 15,000
Per Person
  • Completion of all Stress and Rescue knowledge development components and assessments
  • Complete all knowledge development sections and assessments for Correct Responders
  • Completion of Rescue - All Pool/Calm Water and Open Water Dive Training
  • Students must successfully pass the Rescue Final Exam with a minimum score of 80%.
  • Completion of Proper Responder All First Aid Skills with AED and Oxygen Training
  • If you have the relevant first aid license training, you can offset the cost if the fee is stated.
Direct Enrollment

Diving Specialist Package

Choose any two specializations (excluding Stress and Rescue)
NT$ 12,000
Per Person
  • Choose any two specialized courses of study, with the exception of Stress and Rescue.
  • If you are qualified as an Advanced Diver, you may receive one credit for your specialization.
  • Easily complete the course and receive three certificates (including the reward card) upon completion.
  • Each concentration requires two credits and two ocean internships each.
  • If you are qualified as an Open Water Diver, you can apply for the program.
  • Two specialized marine internships and subject tests are required for a visa.
  • Use your weekly vacation days to complete the course in just two days.
Direct Enrollment