Scuba Skill Update

Scuba Skill Update

If you have been qualified and become an Open Water Diver or above, or maybe you have not been diving for a long time, and you feel unfamiliar with the theory of diving knowledge and equipment operation that you have learned before, or maybe you want to continue to dive and want to get back to the fun of diving again, you can participate in SSI's Scuba Refresher Course and get back to the sea.
Maybe you are ready to go on a diving trip abroad, but worry that you have not been in contact with diving for too long and feel unfamiliar with the diving skills, you can choose to participate in the scuba refresher course to revive your passion for diving, we provide professional instructors to help you relive your diving dreams!


Course Objectives

The SSI Scuba Refresher, or Scuba Skills Update course provides a safe and enjoyable way for certified divers to update their skills. It also provides another opportunity for non-certified Open Water Diver students to practice before their Open Water training dives.

RECOMMENDATION: If it has been more than six (6) months since the Open Water Diver's last Discipline or Pool / Quiet Water Module, use the Scuba Skills Update Course to refresh their skills before they participate in an Open Water Training Dive.


  • Minimum age: 10 years old.
  • Who are scuba certified or Open Water Diver or above/ or have completed all pool/calm water training dives but are not yet certified.

Course Schedule

  • Snorkeling skills refresher, scuba gear assembly and disassembly and cleaning, controlled dives, secondary head retrieval and recovery, mask drainage, neutral buoyancy refresher.
  • Controlled ascent, swimming in the water, equipment handling techniques, introduction to the marine environment, equipment removal in the water, review of the method of entering the water, and operation of a computerized watch.
  • Diving Theory of Knowledge Review and Advanced Education Advocacy.

Enrollment Information

  • Participants who need accommodation or meals can make a reservation with the Dive Center in advance.
  • If you are unable to attend the course for any reason after registration, please inform us 7 days in advance for a full refund.
  • There is no recommended minimum number of hours for the Scuba Skills Update Course.This course is a 3-4 hour refresher course using two cylinders.
  • Students who want to join the individual class and choose the scuba refresher course that suits their needs may do so after coordinating with the Dive Center Instructor.
  • Atoll Dive Center reserves the right to change the course schedule if necessary.


Kenting area calm waters

Course Fee

  • The course fee includes instructor's fee, light weight equipment, 2 cylinders, and the cost of traveling to and from the center where the class will be held.
  • We have dive lodges, only holders of diver's license (unlimited level), only NT$800 per night/person.

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