Equipment rental


  • 輕裝組合
    Lightweight(Snorkeling) Combination NT$550

    Included Snorkeling Gears

  • 面鏡呼吸管
    Mask Tube NT$150
  • 防寒衣
    Wersuit NT$300
  • 套鞋
    Boots NT$100
  • 調整式蛙鞋
    Fins NT$200
  • 配重帶與鉛塊
    Weight Belt NT$100
  • 重裝組合
    Scuba Combination NT$800

    Included BCD、Regulator、Scuba information Gauge。

  • 浮力背心 BCD
    Buoyancy Gears BCD NT$500
  • 調節器組
    Regulator Set NT$500
  • 電腦錶
    Scuba of computer NT$350
  • 空氣瓶
    Air Tank NT$250

    另有高氧氣瓶可供選用 高氧氣瓶EAN32 NT$350

  • 全套輕重裝
    Full Scuba Gears NT$1,000

    Full Scuba Gears

其他配件/活動 價格



1. The items included in the diving course fee are based on the contents of each course information bulletin.
2. Rental equipment, if lost or damaged, according to the market price compensation.
3.Diving center accommodation, arranged by the Atoll Divers into housing type.
4. The price of the voucher is a fluctuating price, which will be slightly adjusted with the fluctuation of the international fuel price.
5. Discounts are offered to students of the Diving Center for equipment rental or purchase of additional equipment.
6. If there are any questions, please refer to the announcement on the official website or consult with us.