Exploring SSI AA vs. AOWD: Different Options for SSI Advanced Diving Education

Exploring SSI AA vs. AOWD: Different Options for SSI Advanced Diving Education

What is SSI Advanced Diving Education?

If you are an OWD certified diver, or a novice diver who has just qualified for OWD, you may be confused about how to dive deeper into your dive learning next, regardless of your dive system.

SSI Advanced Diving Education has tailored a set of learning process from introductory to mastery for divers, so that ReefMax can introduce you to what is SSI Diver's Advanced Education course and how to choose the most suitable course for your needs among the many specialty courses through the illustrations and text in this article.

Undoubtedly, we encourage divers to persist in their enjoyment of diving and gather essential practical diving experience!

Before we start this article, we need to understand the purpose of SSI Advanced Education, that is, to continuously improve the diver's skills and gain more related skills and knowledge, so that divers can gradually accumulate more diving knowledge and skills from the introductory stage, and be able to explore more advanced dive sites. Therefore, in addition to attending the course, Fun Dive (Dive Tour) is also a very important part of improving the diving ability!

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SSI AA and AOWD Options

Once you've earned your Open Water Diver (OW) certification, there are several ways to extend your dive learning journey!

  • Keep Diving(FUNDIVE), the gradual accumulation of diving experience, so that the fundamentals and techniques learned as an Open Water Diver (OW) become muscle memory.
  • Choose to enroll in one of SSI's advanced education programs, such as Advanced Adventure Diver (AA), or participate in one of the various specialty programs offered by SSI (which can be selected based on personal interest).

What is AA ? What is AOW?

Divers often ask me about the Advanced Diving Program, but what exactly is the Advanced Diving Program?

There are a few commonly mentioned diving courses, such as the PADI system's AOW course and Specialty course, and the SSI system's AA course, Specialty course, and AOWD award certification system.

What is the difference between AA and AOW? The PADI AOW course is the equivalent of the SSI AA course certification level. Both courses have almost the same content, including five "experiential specialty dives" to earn your license. After completing the AA course, you will be able to dive according to your specialty and explore a maximum depth limit of 30 meters.

There is no such thing as an AOW course in the SSI system, so the license is an award certification system in the SSI system.

In short, the system will automatically grant you this license as soon as you meet the qualifications! (This represents the student's diving achievements and milestones)

You are eligible for SSI's AOWD Award Certification (which is automatically determined by the system) if you meet the following two criteria:

  • Four independent specialty certifications
  • 24 actual dives recorded

AA Course Specific Curriculum

In SSI's AA course or PADI's AOW course, the five required "specialty dives" are actually five different specialty dives chosen from the many specialties listed in the chart above, to be tried and experienced once. Usually it includes the following items:

  • Experience Deep Diving (Required)
  • Experience Navigator (Required)
  • Experience Perfect Neutral Buoyancy (Optional)
  • Experience Boat Diving (optional)
  • Experience Night Diving (optional)

Each of these five dives is an experience in a different specialty (i.e., an adventure dive done in a different way), so you will not have a great deal of in-depth knowledge of each topic of the dive upon completion of the course. If you find that you are particularly interested in one of these experiences and would like to go deeper, you can choose to take the corresponding "Specialty Course" to learn that area independently.

Of course, you can also skip this part directly and start your advanced education directly from the specialty course training path.

SSI AOWD Award Recognition

SSI's educational philosophy recognizes that the ability to dive requires constant "learning" and "practice". Looking back at the OWD program, divers learn how to control their descent and ascent, maintain neutral buoyancy, and use their flippers effectively in order to have a good dive. Of course, there are also many other diving skills.

However, the skills and experiences learned need to be practiced over and over again. Therefore, FunDive is a good way to improve your skills and experience. If you rush to advance to AOW without having good scuba skills and experience, you may get half the result with twice the effort.

For this reason, SSI's AOWD award certification includes a requirement for a "record of 24 actual dives". It may be best to advance only after you have developed good scuba skills and sufficient diving experience! Of course, if you think you have the required skills and experience, you can also take the advancement course, but you need to have at least 24 actual dives in order to be certified as an Advanced Open Water Diver.

(The AOWD Award Certification will detail the specialized courses completed.)

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How do I choose a specialty program or pursue my advanced scuba education?

We use a learning schedule to help you understand the process.

Most divers attend advanced education to explore more advanced dives, such as those exceeding the OW limit of 18 meters or less.

You can directly join Advanced Adventurer ) course, after which you can scuba dive to a depth limit of 30 meters after experiencing the specialty course. However, this is just an adventure course to experience the expertise, and you may not know enough about the expertise you are experiencing. Therefore, we recommend that you skip the AA course and directly choose Independent Specialty Undertake further education. You can choose from specialties such as deep diving (recommended to be compulsory), underwater navigation (recommended to be compulsory), perfect buoyancy, night diving, boat diving, nitrox (recommended to be compulsory), etc., and advance according to your interests.

We also offer the Dive Specialty Package (2 separate Specialty) and Advanced Open Water Diver Package Course ( 4 independent specialties) for you to choose from.

Open Water Diver

Open Water Diver Level 1

You can continue to dive and gain enough scuba experience to have at least 4 dives after obtaining your OW license. You can start to build up your scuba experience with 4-5 Fundives, by which time you will have at least 9 scuba dives under your belt.

Open Water Diver

Speciality Diver Achievement of two specialties

Speciality Diver Level 2

As mentioned above, you can choose either Independent Specialty or Specialty Package Courses for your further education or choice Learn independent feats in batches. After obtaining the two specialties, your diving experience should have 12 dive records, and you are eligible for the SSI Award Certification Diving Specialty Award. We recommend that you list deep diving, underwater navigation, nitrox, and night diving as your compulsory specialties.

Speciality Diver Achievement of two specialties

Advanced Open Water Diver Achieves Four Specialties

Advanced Open Water Diver Level3

As mentioned above, you can choose Independent Specialty or AOWD Package Course for your further education or Choose to learn independent specialties in batches, interspersed with 3-4 Fundives during the process to accumulate practical scuba experience. We recommend that you list deep diving, underwater navigation, nitrox, and night diving as your compulsory specialties to prepare you for diving all over the world in the future. You also have many other specialties to choose from based on your interests, and SSI is ready for you. At this time, your diving record should be close to the 24 or more dive records, which is in line with SSI's award system and awarded the AOWD achievement award milestone. Congratulations on getting ready to explore dive sites around the world. Continue your dive promotion achievements!

Advanced Open Water Diver Achieves Four Specialties

Master Diver Four Specialties & Stress & Rescue

Master Diver Level4

After obtaining the AOWD Advanced Open Water Diver, you will continue to explore various tourist dive sites, such as dive sites on Taiwan's outlying islands, to broaden your diving horizons and continue to accumulate scuba experience. When your diving experience reaches 50+ dive records and obtain SSI Pressure and Rescue's specialty certification, you will be promoted to the bonus certification of Level 4 Diving Master. At this point, your diving level should start to make you want to learn other specialties, such as underwater photography, etc. SSI has also prepared these specialties for you to learn and improve your diving abilities.

Master Diver Four Specialties & Stress & Rescue

Century Diver 100

Century Diver Level5

As divers love to dive and continue to dive, when you reach 100 scuba dives, you will be awarded the SSI Century Diver 100 award certification for free, which is the first milestone in a diver's diving career. As you can see in the picture below, Diver 100 is celebrated in the water at Green Island. Congratulations, you will continue to explore the dive sites around the world, continue to enjoy your diving and dive all over the world.

Century Diver 100

Century Diver (commonly known as Breaking 100), celebrating the milestone of a diver's first achievement

SSI 潛水員獎勵認證

SSI Specialized Programs

SSI offers many useful specialty courses, and Reef Diving will list some of the most popular ones for your reference:

Deep Diving
Boat Diving
Low visibility and night diving
Nitrox Diving
Perfect Buoyancy
Stress and Rescue
Underwater Navigation
photo and video
Side-mounted diving



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