Scuba Diving - 5 Tips for Perfect Buoyancy Control

SSI 完美浮力控制的5個技巧

When you first start scuba diving, buoyancy control can seem a little daunting. You may watch your instructor effortlessly hover over the water and wonder if it involves some sort of magic potion they had to give you when you went through specialized training. But with these five simple tips and a little practice, you too can achieve perfect buoyancy. Are you ready? With ...


2024 Little Liuqiu Diving Tour - Explore Lamay


2024 小琉球潛水旅遊-探索拉美 探索拉美 闊別已久的小琉球潛水團,開團了! 這次會有什麼樣的火花呢?本次潛旅由Victor教練親自主辦帶隊! 小琉球,位於台灣西南的蔚藍海域,是潛水愛好者的天堂。島上的沈船群是最具代表性的潛水景點之一,散 …


Exploring SSI AA vs. AOWD: Different Options for SSI Advanced Diving Education


Explore SSI AA and AOWD: Different Options for SSI Advanced Diving Education What is SSI Advanced Diving Education? If you are an OWD certified diver, or a new diver with a recent OWD qualification, regardless of your diving system, you may be confused about how to dive deeper next. SSI Advanced Diving Education is ...


Scuba Diver's Beginner's Guide - 10 Essential Diving Gear Items

水肺潛水員入門指南 - 不可或缺的10項潛水裝備

Scuba Diver's Beginner's Guide - 10 Indispensable Diving Gear Diving is a challenging and amazing underwater experience, and whether you're a novice or an experienced diver, you need the right diving gear. This equipment not only ensures your safety, but also allows you to better explore the underwater world. In this introductory guide, we'll introduce you to scuba diving before you start ...


2023 Diving Specialist & AOWD Advanced Open Water Diver - Underwater Specialty Skills & Adventure Choice!


2023 SSI Dive Specialist - Two Dive Specialties / Advanced Open Water Diver - Four Dive Specialties Dive Specialist Specialty Diver Package Program (2 days course) Original Price NT$12,000 / Specialty Price NT$11,000 per person Enroll in Dive Specialist Package Course, choose any two dive specialties, weekdays (Sun~Fri ...


2023 Learn to dive of Early bird discount

2023 墾丁學潛水_早鳥優惠專車

2023 Kenting Learn to Dive_Early Bird Discount Special Open Water Diver OPEN WATER DIVER COURSE NT$15,000/position Enrollment Diving Course, Weekdays (Sun~Fri) Early Bird discount, discounted price of NT$1,000, one person can also enroll in the course! Group enrollment of 4 people or more / further discount ...


2023 Four Things to Avoid After a Scuba Diving Event


2023 Four Things to Avoid After Your Scuba Diving Activity Do you know the things you should avoid when you are done with your dive? Safety is an important part of scuba diving. Follow a no-decompression dive regime, ascend slowly, stay close to your dive buddy and check your air consumption regularly. But when you return to the boat or shore at the end of your dive, the dive safety mechanisms are not yet ...


2023 Ten Ways to Extend Your Diving Time


2023 Ten ways to extend your dive time All divers, they want to stay underwater as long as possible. However, soon your residual pressure quickly tells and reaches the warning value that you must start to rise and leave the quiet world of the sea. As a scuba diving training center, ...