2024 Little Liuqiu Diving Tour - Explore Lamay


2024 小琉球潛水旅遊-探索拉美 探索拉美 闊別已久的小琉球潛水團,開團了! 這次會有什麼樣的火花呢?本次潛旅由Victor教練親自主辦帶隊! 小琉球,位於台灣西南的蔚藍海域,是潛水愛好者的天堂。島上的沈船群是最具代表性的潛水景點之一,散 …


2023 Diving Specialist & AOWD Advanced Open Water Diver - Underwater Specialty Skills & Adventure Choice!


2023 SSI Dive Specialist - Two Dive Specialties / Advanced Open Water Diver - Four Dive Specialties Dive Specialist Specialty Diver Package Program (2 days course) Original Price NT$12,000 / Specialty Price NT$11,000 per person Enroll in Dive Specialist Package Course, choose any two dive specialties, weekdays (Sun~Fri ...


2023 Learn to dive of Early bird discount

2023 墾丁學潛水_早鳥優惠專車

2023 Kenting Learn to Dive_Early Bird Discount Special Open Water Diver OPEN WATER DIVER COURSE NT$15,000/position Enrollment Diving Course, Weekdays (Sun~Fri) Early Bird discount, discounted price of NT$1,000, one person can also enroll in the course! Group enrollment of 4 people or more / further discount ...


2022 Kenting Summer Boat Dive


2022墾丁夏日船潛 墾丁船潛活動-食住潛樂我們全包了 活動一  2天1夜船潛4支 費用:物超所值、超高CP值,趕緊揪團手刀洽詢線上客服 ✪只要您持有任何系統OW(含OW以上)都可參加。超過6個月以上未持續潛水,請先參加 …


2022 Ten Best Ways to Make Shore Diving More Relaxing and Comfortable


10 Best Ways to Make Shore Diving More Relaxing and Comfortable Shore diving may be the most economical choice Kenting, the name of the place that most people often mention, in fact, we call it [Hengchun Peninsula]. Hengchun Peninsula is surrounded by the sea on three sides, it is a place where diving activities can be conducted all year round. Here, shore diving or boat diving is a popular way for divers to dive. Most ...


2018 Lanyu Diving Tour

2018 蘭嶼潛水旅遊

2018 Human Island Orchid Island Diving Tour 2018/07/6(Fri)-07/9(Mon),4 days and 3 nights, besides diving tour, you can also invite your friends to join the road trip together! Orchid Island is located in an area of only 45 square kilometers, the square head crooked tail of the toad-shaped island, located in the Kuroshio north flow of the channel, according to the southern tip of Taiwan Goose Jiao Nose about 40 NM, 49 kilometers from Taitung in the northwest, the island's perimeter length of 38.4 kilometers is second only to the Penghu ...

2018 Green Island Dive Tour

2018 綠島潛水旅遊

2018 Green Island Diving Tour 2018/06/23(Sat)-06/25(Mon),3 days and 2 nights itinerary, in addition to diving tours, you can also invite your friends to join the road trip together Oh! Green Island is located in the Pacific Ocean in the southeast corner of Taiwan, about 33 kilometers southeast of Taitung City, is a surrounding sea depth of thousands of meters, the island shape is irregular quadrangle, the island area of about 16 square kilometers, for Taiwan's fourth largest subsidiary island.