Exploring SSI AA vs. AOWD: Different Options for SSI Advanced Diving Education


Explore SSI AA and AOWD: Different Options for SSI Advanced Diving Education What is SSI Advanced Diving Education? If you are an OWD certified diver, or a new diver with a recent OWD qualification, regardless of your diving system, you may be confused about how to dive deeper next. SSI Advanced Diving Education is ...


2023 Diving Specialist & AOWD Advanced Open Water Diver - Underwater Specialty Skills & Adventure Choice!


2023 SSI Dive Specialist - Two Dive Specialties / Advanced Open Water Diver - Four Dive Specialties Dive Specialist Specialty Diver Package Program (2 days course) Original Price NT$12,000 / Specialty Price NT$11,000 per person Enroll in Dive Specialist Package Course, choose any two dive specialties, weekdays (Sun~Fri ...


2023 Ten Ways to Extend Your Diving Time


2023 Ten ways to extend your dive time All divers, they want to stay underwater as long as possible. However, soon your residual pressure quickly tells and reaches the warning value that you must start to rise and leave the quiet world of the sea. As a scuba diving training center, ...


2022 Entry Procedures to be Observed When Diving a Boat

giant stride entry

2022 Water Entry Procedures to Keep in Mind When Scuba Diving Do you know what you should keep in mind when performing water entry procedures when you go scuba diving? Once you have finished your suit, your next step is to get ready to enter the water. The process of getting from the boat to the water should be as simple as possible without losing your sense of direction, especially in cold water, high waves and low visibility. Listen to the Diving Brief ...


2022 Ten Best Ways to Make Shore Diving More Relaxing and Comfortable


10 Best Ways to Make Shore Diving More Relaxing and Comfortable Shore diving may be the most economical choice Kenting, the name of the place that most people often mention, in fact, we call it [Hengchun Peninsula]. Hengchun Peninsula is surrounded by the sea on three sides, it is a place where diving activities can be conducted all year round. Here, shore diving or boat diving is a popular way for divers to dive. Most ...


Recommendations for SSI Dive Training in Response to Coronavirus COVID-19


SSI Diving Training Recommendations for Coronavirus COVID-19 Since the onset of the coronavirus (COVID-19), there have been and still are many health alerts and issues worldwide. We want you to know that we are vigilant in providing you with accurate information, especially in areas related to, for example, shared air or other exercises that allow students ...


SSI Digital Diving Course Online Final Exam


SSI Digitized Diving Course Online Final Exam SSI has upgraded all of the Recreational Diving and Free Diving specialties and EcoKits for which it provides student training materials to now include the option of an online final exam. This makes the virtual classroom training and certification process much easier. The online final exams are available for the following courses: Boat Diving Specialty Coral Recognition Specialty Deep Diving ...


SSI Diver Award Certification


SSI Diver Award Certification Free Award Certification Levels All you need to do is complete and apply the specialty course of your choice and receive the SSI Award Levels: Dive Specialist, Advanced Open Water Diver, and Master Scuba Diver, all for free! Remember to record your dive log after each dive, complete the official dive log and have the dive center sign off with your instructor.