Scuba Diver's Beginner's Guide - 10 Essential Diving Gear Items

水肺潛水員入門指南 - 不可或缺的10項潛水裝備

Scuba Diver's Beginner's Guide - 10 Indispensable Diving Gear Diving is a challenging and amazing underwater experience, and whether you're a novice or an experienced diver, you need the right diving gear. This equipment not only ensures your safety, but also allows you to better explore the underwater world. In this introductory guide, we'll introduce you to scuba diving before you start ...


2023 Learn to dive of Early bird discount

2023 墾丁學潛水_早鳥優惠專車

2023 Kenting Learn to Dive_Early Bird Discount Special Open Water Diver OPEN WATER DIVER COURSE NT$15,000/position Enrollment Diving Course, Weekdays (Sun~Fri) Early Bird discount, discounted price of NT$1,000, one person can also enroll in the course! Group enrollment of 4 people or more / further discount ...


2023 Ten Ways to Extend Your Diving Time


2023 Ten ways to extend your dive time All divers, they want to stay underwater as long as possible. However, soon your residual pressure quickly tells and reaches the warning value that you must start to rise and leave the quiet world of the sea. As a scuba diving training center, ...


2018 Kenting summer learning to dive-just love diving-diving summer program

2018 summer preferential aa

2018-KENTING Summer Learning to Dive-I just love diving-Diving Summer Project,Experience Diving-2 Days 1 Night Weekend Holiday High CP value,Learning to Dive-Open Water Diver Open Water Diver Course Free hospitality and accommodation,Advanced Adventurer Advanced Adventurer-2 Days 1 Night Including boat dive 1 trip Accommodation Full equipments.

SSI Diver Award Certification


SSI Diver Award Certification Free Award Certification Levels All you need to do is complete and apply the specialty course of your choice and receive the SSI Award Levels: Dive Specialist, Advanced Open Water Diver, and Master Scuba Diver, all for free! Remember to record your dive log after each dive, complete the official dive log and have the dive center sign off with your instructor.

2018 School Diving Spring Program Free Accommodation Limited Monthly Offer

2018 3monthlydiscount feature

From now on, in March 2018 to complete the Open Water Diver, Advanced Diver Emergency Response Training and other diving courses registration and pay all the course fees, we are free to entertain the full cost of accommodation during the course or free use of a full set of scuba diving equipment, super high CP value, quality remains unchanged. Special offer again, only need to complete the registration and pay the course fee in full, the date of the course is not limited to March completion, limited to the month of the discount, this is the only file. We also have a special program to welcome the New Year, please look forward to it.