SSI Diving Training Center

Atoll Diving A diving center affiliated with SSI International Diving School. Atoll Diving is located in the center of Hengchun Town, next to Hengchun McDonald's, Hengchun Bus Transfer Station is only a five-minute walk away. 12~15 minutes driving distance from the blue sea, Kenting Main StreetIt only takes 20 minutes to drive. We have prepared comfortable and clean diving B&Bs to provide divers with a sufficient rest environment and space.

SSI International Diving School

SSI International Diving School is founded by several passionate people who want diving to be accessible to everyone. Founded by divers who learn easily.
Internationally recognized SSI certification is available wherever you want to dive.
As a diving education organization, the global network created by SSI is our largest One of the advantages

The Ultimate Diving Experience

You are about to embark on one of the most amazing adventures of your life. Modern scuba diving is a safe and peaceful activity that can be enjoyed by people of all sizes and ages.
In an increasingly globalized world, the recreational sport of scuba diving has never been more popular than it is now. People often hear that the best way to dive is to join a local dive center.


You are ready to take the first step in your career as a diver! Begin exploring this magical, mysterious and fascinating underwater world that has remained untouched and unchanged for centuries and even millennia. The knowledge and skills you have acquired now will accompany you on your first "Extreme Diving Experience", and there are sure to be many more to come.

SSI offers the best dive education programs in the industry, which means that after completing the Open Water Diver program, you're ready to make every dive an "Extreme Diving Experience". As a leader in dive training, we take seriously our responsibility to ensure that the underwater world remains pristine for generations to come.

We offer Try Scuba Diving and Basic Diver’s options give you different choices!

SSI Diving Training

What does it mean to be SSI certified?

The certification you earn through SSI Scuba Diving training not only meets but exceeds globally recognized safety and quality standards.

These standards are set by the International Standards Organization (ISO), the Recreational Scuba Training Council (RSTC) and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

Your SSI Dive Center is part of the international SSI family committed to the highest standards of safety and education.

From Try Scuba, Open Water Diver, Advanced Adventurer, Diving Specialty Course, up to Assistant Instructor , Instructor Training Course.

Diving Equipment Sales and Repair

Total Diving System
The Omni-submersible system consists of six sub-systems.
Snorkeling system, cold suit system, transmission system, information system, buoyancy system, accessory system.
We offer sales and repair consultation for all major brands of diving equipment.
Diving is a gear-intensive activity. Divers should know the importance of having their own equipment.


Diving Accommodation

We have prepared a comfortable and clean dive billet to provide divers with a full resting environment and resting space. With your dive certification card, you can enjoy a special rate for divers and have a standard double bed. Have enough sleep to prepare for the next day's diving trip. Absolute value for money, is your best choice for diving in Kenting!


Professional, Passionate, Safety

I love extreme sports. I first dived in 1989 and was trained to participate in rescue work. In 1992, he served as a parachute training instructor in the army. I fell in love with the slow pace of southern China, and I also loved exploring different countries through Diving and Sky Diving. So I understand the importance of diving safety, let’s dive happily and safely!

Hello everyone, I am Victor. I have been diving for 10 years. You are welcome to come and dive with me to chat and have fun. Let you experience the charm of the ocean. Not only sea tours, but also land tours, I can also help you travel to different places in Hengchun!

Come and play with us😘

I love the thrill of riding the wind and waves while sailing, the weightless relaxation of diving, and the thrill of standing on the wave of surfing! I prefer the laid-back atmosphere of Hengchun~ If you also like to play with water, you are welcome to come and play with us!


I am Bo Jun. I have the feeling of being surrounded by water since I was a child. I have also engaged in many water sports. I always feel that I can feel free in the water. I also hope that more people can experience and even fall in love with this feeling .

My name is BO WEI. In the sea, we feel like a real fish, enjoying the leisurely swimming in this boundless space and the magnificence of all kinds of marine species. The activity of diving not only brings you visual beauty, but also a kind of spiritual healing. It also gives me more strength to move forward.


I have been diving since college, and it has been three years now. The main reason why I like this activity is that I don't have to worry about things on land, but just concentrate on the scenery in front of me. If you want to experience the carefree feeling or enjoy the scenery in the water, you are welcome to come and see me! ^


After living on land for a long time, you always want to see different scenery. "I want to show other people how stunning and beautiful my vision was on my first dive". This thought has never changed. Come and dive with me! Let me bring you to enjoy the freedom that the ocean gives us and open up a wider. space_adj,space_adj,space_adj,space_adj,space

We look forward to the next partner to join our team and dive the blue ocean together! We look forward to the next





How to reach the Dive Center

Where are you from?

You can choose to drive by yourself or take various public transportation systems. Whether you are a student in Taiwan or abroad, you can use different transportation methods from the Taiwan Railways, high-speed rail or the airport. Transportation available.

  • Share a cab (approx. 2 hours). About NT$400 per person or NT$2,000 for 4 persons. (Recommended)
  • Take the bus (the journey takes about 3 hours). After leaving the Kaohsiung Railway Station, go to Jianguo Road in front of you on the left. After crossing the road, you will see the bus terminal. You can take Pingtung/ Kaohsiung/Guoguang/Zhongnan Passenger Transport goes directly to Kenting to Hengchun Transfer StationNotify us before getting off the bus.
  • Share a cab (approx. 2 hours). About NT$400 per person or NT$2,000 for 4 persons. (Recommended)
  • Take the Airport Express to Hengchun Transfer Station (about 3 hours), go to the Kenting Express counter in the Arrivals Hall to buy a ticket, and notify us before arriving at the Hengchun Transfer Station for pickup.
  • From the South No. 2 Highway, turn left at the Nanzhou Interchange at Exit 424, connect to Provincial Highway 1 to Fenggang, continue on Provincial Highway 26 towards Kenting, pass through Checheng and arrive at Hengchun, keep right, and when you encounter Kenting, go south and go left Turn left at the McDonald's traffic light on Fuxing Road during the holidays, then turn left for about 50 meters, then go straight for about 80 meters and then turn right to arrive. (Please refer to Google Map.)
  • From National Highway No. 1 Zhongshan High, National Highway No. 1 370K Wujia System Interchange, connect to Provincial Highway 88 (Kaohsiung-Chaozhou) Expressway, Zhutian System connects to National Highway No. 3, turn left after exiting the interchange in Pingnan Province, connecting Provincial Highway 1 to Feng Continue to the Hong Kong Provincial Highway 26 towards Kenting, pass through the car town and arrive at Hengchun, keep right, go south and turn left at the Kenting Holiday McDonald's traffic light, turn left at the traffic light of Fuxing Road, then turn left for about 50 meters, go straight for about 80 meters, then turn right can be reached. (Please refer to Google Map.)

Contact Us

Business Hours- Monday-Sunday:08:00-23:30

Kenting Atoll Dive Center
No. 46, Lane 112, Fuxing Road, Hengchun Township, 94643 Pingtung County, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Phone:+886 8 8882331
Fax:+886 8 8883522
Email: [email protected]  

You can also contact us through LINE@, social media (Facebook, Instagram) and Whatsapp!