The Dive Guide program is the first step on an exciting journey. Learn to safely lead certified divers in various environments and conditions. By giving dive briefings, doing site evaluations, and leading dives, you will become a confident Dive Guide in no time. Begin your diving career working as a Professional Dive Guide or continue the qualifications for Divemaster.

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The course gives you the skills and knowledge you need to safely lead certified divers and is the first step toward an exciting career as an SSI Dive Professional. And it doesn't require you to complete an instructor program. Professional dive guides can work for SSI dive centers and lead certified divers in a variety of environments and conditions. Upon completion, you will be certified as an SSI Dive Guide.

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The Assistant Instructor rating is the next step after becoming a Divemaster along the scuba instructor pathway. It allows you to collect valuable teaching experience, practice briefings, teach academics, and conduct in-water training. If you want to further your career as a dive professional, you can finish the Instructor Training Course, pass the Instructor Evaluation, and become an Open Water Diving Instructor.

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