2024 Little Liuqiu Diving Tour - Explore Lamay


2024 Little Liuqiu Diving Tour - Explore Lamay

Explore Lamay Island

The long awaited Little Liuqiu Dive Tour is now open!
What kind of sparks will there be this time? This dive trip is organized by Coach Victor himself!

Little Liuqiu, located in the azure waters of southwest Taiwan, is a paradise for diving enthusiasts. The Shen Ship Group on the island is one of the most representative diving spots, with many sunken ships scattered around, forming a spectacular underwater landscape. Dive into this area and discover the mystery and beauty of the sea. In addition to the sunken ships, the waters of Little Liuqiu are also home to many marine creatures, the most popular of which are sea turtles. There are many sea turtles living here, and they often roam freely on the seabed and come into close contact with divers. When you are swimming at the bottom of the sea and suddenly a turtle swims by, this kind of close contact will be unforgettable for the rest of your life.

This dive trip is arranged for full boat dive (if you need shore dive, you can also add extra dive), so that you don't need to walk on shore dive, you can dive more relaxed and comfortable dive!

[Activity Name] Little Liuqiu Diving Tour 3 Days 2 Nights (3 Trips 6 Dives)

[Event Time] 2024.16 Mar (Sat)-2024.18 Mar(Mon)

[Activity Itinerary]

First Day

  •  8:30 Meet at the Little Liuqiu Ferry Terminal in East Harbor (Early arrival possible)
  •  9:30 Arrive at the dive store and check in. 
  • Diving program after lunch (two dives in the afternoon)
  • Dinner - You can choose to dine on your own or enjoy the island cuisine with your group members (the food is more delicious when there are more people).

Second Day

  • After breakfast, we will start our diving activities (two dives in the morning). 
  • Afternoon motorcycle land tour around the island (additional shore diving or recharging at B&B is also available)
  • Dinner - You can choose to dine on your own or enjoy the island cuisine with your group members (the food is more delicious when there are more people).

Third Day

  • After breakfast, we will start our diving activities (two dives in the morning).
  • After lunch, shopping for souvenirs or duty free stores.
  • Scheduled to return to East Point at 14:30   

【Event Fee】(Surprise discount for our students)

Please send a private message to the editor or contact the organizer Victor.

[Included in the fee]

  • Donggang←→Small Liuqiu round-trip ferry tickets, accommodations (Dive Shop B&B single beds and backpacking rooms) (Suites available upon request)
  • Island scooter (one for two persons), boat, dive guides, air tanks and weights (6 dives), (please ask if you need to rent equipment).
  • Accommodation (Dive Shop B&B Single Bed Room - Backpacking Room) (If you need a suite, you can also ask separately).
  • Island scooter (one for two people).
  • Boats, dive guides, cylinders and weights (6 dives), (if you need rental equipment, please inquire separately).

[Fees not included]

  • Little Liuqiu B&B does not provide toiletries (for backpacking rooms), so please bring your own.
  • Please pay the fee for parking your car at East Point.
  • Meals are partly at your own expense (members can choose their favorite meal together and share the meal).
  • If you need to rent the equipment separately, you can get a discounted price for traveling around the atolls.
  • The fee does not include transportation to the East Harbor Ferry Terminal.


  • PS:Please bring your ID card/Diving C card/Diving logbook/Personal light weight/Diving buoyancy bag SMB/Whistle or soprano flute/Flashlight for night dive, personal windproof jacket, if you need to rent diving light weight, please inform us in advance, we can help you to prepare.
  • Fill in your Name/ID No./Date of Birth/Contact No./Address/Diving License/Night Diver needs flashlight. 
  • The budget arrangement for this activity is to stay in a backpacker room, if you need to upgrade to a double suite, please make up the difference.
  • We'll decide if we want to have a joint or BBQ for dinner, and we'll be reimbursed by AA.
  • Remaining payment should be made before check-in. For those who use online booking for dive trips: If you want to change the time, please do so two weeks before the departure date. If the trip is canceled within 7 days of the departure date, the deposit cannot be refunded.
  • If you have any questions about the trip, please contact Coach Victor 0976-171102 [email protected]


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