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19 Meter Reef


Hey, Diver! Divers, let's have an absolutely exciting dive trip! In Kenting, we will now take you to explore the boat dive offshore dive sites: 19 meters reef, big floating reef, west coast release dive and Hap Kie Ribs Shen Ship and other dive sites, we continue to explore!

Then, challenge yourself to the West Coast dingbaisha drift dive and experience the marvelous beauty of the natural underwater landscape. Here, you will dance with colorful corals and colorful fish.

Last but not least, explore the hojie wreck boat, a mysterious underwater world full of excitement and adventure. Dive in and share a unique encounter with the ancient Rib Ship.

Are you ready? Put on the diving equipment, together to unveil the mystery of Kenting's seabed, let us write your own water adventure legend!


About Offshore Dive Sites

Diver Qualifications and Notes

Most of the offshore dive sites are seasonal or difficult, divers who want to unlock the dive sites should seize the dive season to get a glimpse of this mysterious and beautiful world.

  • Offshore dive sites are generally recommended for intermediate to advanced and experienced divers.
  • Usually the depth of the reef is as deep as 19 meters and the current is strong, it is an advanced dive site. More attention should be paid to air consumption, buoyancy control, NDL time, usually by high oxygen dive. The currents in big floating reefs are also the same.
  • Explore 19m Reef, Big Floating Reef, Release Diving, Hap Kok Ribs Shen Boat Qualifications : Advanced Diver (Included) or above, Nitrox, Deep Diving, at least 50 dives experience. Must bring at least one flashlight, buoyancy bag, computer watch (can be rented).
  • Due to the depth and strong currents in the offshore dive sites, divers must follow their instructors or dive guides closely.
  • Difficulty of drift diving in the west coast is less restrictive than in the middle, but still need to have the experience of release diving, and the same with the hojie wreck boat.

Offshore Dive - Boat Dive 19m Reef, Great Floating Reef

The first offshore dive site is located nearly 1 nautical mile off the Kenting Sail Rock, there are several sharp reefs, the depth of the top of the reef from the surface of the water is about -19M, and the bottom of the reef is about -31M, this dive site is full of large sea fans, which is impossible to measure with both arms open, and it's an excellent dive site worthy of intermediate and advanced experience divers to go and explore.

Another dive site near the 19-meter reef is the Big Floating Reef, located about 0.5 nautical mile southwest of the Frog Rock Scenic Spot next to Siu Wan Beach. The three shallow reefs are filled with small undulating walls and cliffs at depths ranging from 8 to 20 meters, and are often frequented by large fish, which makes this dive site suitable.Divers with intermediate to advanced levels of experience go exploring.

This dive site is suitable for intermediate to advanced and experienced divers.

Dive into this sea area, you will feel the challenge of water pressure, but You will also be rewarded with an immersive underwater wonder. Huge sea fans standing everywhere on the 19-meter reef sway with the currents, becoming an excellent underwater landscape on the seabed, with various marine life swimming around it, interweaving a submarine picture full of vitality.

Divers must have all the related equipment and accessories, we also provide rental service, we also provide AIS positioning system device to enhance the safety of divers to provide divers to use.

2024 Offshore Dive Opening Date

19-meter pinnacle reefs, large floating reefs


West coastDrift diving, Hojie, Dingbaisha


Stage of completed tour (if no stage is recorded, the tour has not yet been completed)

Welcome to join the group, customized diving activities.

Diving trips will be determined by the sea conditions and weather conditions of the scheduled time slot, and are expected to be determined 3-7 days before the trip. If it is not possible to do so, we will change the dive itinerary according to the situation after discussing with the instructor.

Activity Itinerary

Offshore 2 dive - 19m Point Hill Reef, Great Floating Reef

0800 Collection
0840 First Dive
0920 Surface Time
1010 Second Dive
1110 Return
1200 Arrive at Houbi Lake

West coastDrift diving, Hojie, Dingbaisha-2 dives

0730 Collection
0820 First Dive
0920 Surface Time
1010 Second Dive
1100 Return
1200 Arrive at Houbi Lake

Event Fee and Content

Offshore 2 Dive Team

Includes ship's capital, oxygen EAN32*2, dive guides, and centers.

For a group of 9 participants, it is recommended to check in the diving center one day in advance.
Welcome to join the group, welcome coaches or dive store booking package.

Offshore Dive Site - Hejie Wreck ship

This dive site is located on the west coast of Hengchun Peninsula, along the 4-1 Scenic Road, which can be reached by going south through the highway next to the Hau Wan Hoi Sang Museum and passing through the Red Chai Hang. For shore dive, you can park your vehicle by the roadside and go into the water, because you need to pass through a rugged and difficult section of the coir reef bank to the entry point, which is steep and sharp, and has the reputation of Paradise Road, so you should pay attention to it. After passing through the coral reef, you will enter the water at the shallow reef, you have to be very careful when you get on and off the shore, when the waves are pushed from the deep water to the shallow water, due to the influence of the terrain, it produces a strong energy of the breaking waves, there are usually a lot of waves at the shallow paddock, please pass through as soon as possible to avoid stopping in the area of the waves, if you are not familiar with the entry and exit points, you'd better give up this dive point, and it's not recommended to go down the dive in bad weather or strong wind and waves. The weather is not favorable or the dive is not recommended when the wind and waves are strong.

About Hojie Wreck Boat

We used the boat dive method to dive, so the direction of travel was slightly different. Since the average depth on the way was about 23 meters, the time was very tight, and the amount of air needed to be kept in mind, the strong south current of the ebb tide in this area would easily deplete a lot of air, and at the same time, it would be easy to deviate from the target, so please be careful.
Walking westward, after crossing the slope to a depth of 28 meters to reach the sandy bottom, kicking into a flat and large gentle slope, with only the remains of the shipwreck in sight, and then kicking for about 38 meters to reach the shipwreck. The wreckage area is about 32 meters deep and you can only stay in the wreck for a short time if you are not using oxygen cylinders. Only the bones of the shipwreck are left, and the "ribs" are like an oasis in the desert on the flat and gentle slope, and it is really admirable to see how many fish can gather in such a small piece of land! The red and white three-spined jacks, including the five-spined snapper, geranium snapper, golden perch, guanjiao, and pine cone fish, guarded the area near the wreckage of the ship like the god of the gate. In addition, there are traces of a special coral called "sea pen" in the vicinity of the wreck, so it is worthwhile to keep an eye out for it, as it can be an unexpected catch.

Offshore Dive Site-Dingbaisha Drift Diving

The dive site is located on the west coast of Hengchun Peninsula, between Hepjie and Baisha, locally known as Ding Baisha. If you are traveling from Hepjie to Baisha, you will find a clear red marker pointing to the Wan Ying Gong Temple on the right side of the road, and the vehicle should turn into the alley from there. If you are going by shore dive, you should drive straight to the parking lot at the bottom of the road, and then finish assembling your equipment in the open space. This is also a popular spot for sea fishing, so please be courteous when getting on and off the shore as there are fishing activities on holidays, and ask the anglers about the sea conditions and the direction of the flow of the sea. Since we use the boat dive method, it is much easier and more fun, and it is also safe.

Dingbaisha Dive Ecology

  • At a depth of 28 meters, you will reach the main landscape area of this dive site, where large groups of sea fans and willow corals are distributed. The main coral species are red whip coral, tough whip coral and cork soft willow coral etc. Other corals to look for are orange blunt coral and red fan coral, it is worth noting that one of the sea fans is obviously not attached to the sea lily, so you can observe it carefully, the tiny pea seahorses may be hidden in it. Please pay attention to the residual air pressure at all times, do not stay too long at this depth, photographers should be more careful with the time control, 31 meters to the west to see the return trip, this point is not easy to return to the point of entry in case of a strong ebb tide south current, so please observe the direction of the sea water flow at any time during the dive.
  • On the way back to the northeast, you can see a continuous reef with a gentle upward slope at 24 meters. Five-lined snapper, geranium snapper, golden perch, kanji, and pine cone fish are common fish along the way, and those who like macro photography can look for sea slugs, anemone shrimp, and clown fish at 24 meters and 18 meters, which will be different from the other species found in the other dive sites.

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